5 Fiverr Buyer Request Example To Boost your Fiverr Earning $1000

Many of us have not received any orders after opening an account on Fiverr for a long time. Especially those who have opened an account on New Fiverr and created a gig but are not getting any orders. It is really a lot harder to get orders in the first place on Fiverr.

In many cases, not getting the order is due to our mistake. In the new situation, we do not know much and do not even try to learn. We think the order will come just like that. However, “NO” we need to find out the mistakes and think about fixing them.


I promise that if you read this article carefully and follow the directions and methods shown here, your chances of getting Fiverr order will increase by 110% from today. You will understand where the mistakes were, and you will be able to fix them. So read the article carefully.

Benefits of a proper Fiverr buyer request.

Hundreds of proposals are sent in a matter of moments when the buyer submits a project. Many people write these proposals on their notepads and send them to different projects as a script only by changing the name of the buyer and the name of the project. This is not a wise thing to do, and in many cases, these proposals are rejected.

An excellent buyer request can increase your chances of getting a job by 80% with just a cover letter. Many of us try to send buyer requests as soon as possible, which is not correct. If the buyer’s request is nice and tidy, then the buyer will have your priority.

Here I will give you some essential information that you can use to write an exciting buyer request and increase your chances of getting an order.

A Fiverr Buyer Request Example (Bad Practice)

Fiverr Buyer Request Example


A screenshot of a proposal is given here, showing that a designer has offered in very few words. However, several weaknesses have been revealed here, such as he did not mention well about his skills. And nowhere does he mention professionalism in this regard; he says that he understands the buyer’s description. The key is to understand what the buyer wants. And whether I can do the job accordingly? Here I have to mention that I have the skills to do this job which this proposal did not reveal.

I need to gain the confidence of the buyer through a good cover letter. Why would the buyer order me? He has already received many proposals. I will get the order only if the best proposal has to be mine. I need to gain the trust of the buyer. I have to build his faith in my words. Then he will order me. There is nothing in the proposal to gain the buyer’s trust.

Fiverr Buyer Request Example (Good practice)

Fiverr Buyer Request Example

Notice the second screenshot here of how a designer wrote a proposal. You will see professionalism in action and where you are doing the wrong things.

How do I address the buyer?

At first, the buyer was addressed by name. The word sir is very dignified in the western world. They address a significant person as “Sir,” so the buyer who is offering you a job here expects you to use “Friendly.” If we use the word “sir” here, they become a little unprepared.

In many cases, the buyer does not like the word sir. So when we write a buyer request, we will address the buyer by name at the beginning.

Attract the buyer’s attention

See what he said at the beginning. He says I saw your attached files; what does that mean? That means telling the buyer that I have read and understood your description very well. And I can do whatever you want. When you first explain to the buyer the importance of your work and what you realize, your chances of getting order will increase by 80%.

The buyer wants to be able to understand what he is doing. If you first say that you have read his attached file or what you have read and understood his description very well, then he will start believing in you.

Specify the deadline

An important issue here is the work time limit. This assurance must be given to the buyer that he will deliver the work within the stipulated time. Time is of the essence. If you can’t deliver on time, then your reputation will be bad. That’s one thing.

And the buyer always likes to understand the work of the fixed time. Late delivery can never be done. So you must mention your deadline when you write the proposal. If necessary, you can extend the time. However, it will be mentioned in the proposal.

Offer the best service.

Highlight the services you will provide within the budget offered by the buyer. If possible, try to give as much as you can within your budget. And specify what file points. Then the buyer will quickly understand that. If possible, you can offer some bonuses to the buyer. For example, if you offer a design for free or designed a T-shirt, you can offer him a visiting card. You can say that I will give you a visiting card for free. He will be happy to say something like this, and your desire to get the order will increase.

Invite to view your portfolio.

You share your portfolio link in the proposal. Fiber usually has Flickr and some sites that do allow it. To create your beautiful portfolio. And when writing a buyer request, add a portfolio link so that the buyer can easily see your previous works. And an idea about your professionalism will be created by looking at the portfolio. The more beautiful your portfolio, the more likely you are to get a job.

Add project-related questions.

Suppose you ask the buyer about the project. He will never be bothered by this, or he will be happy that you want to know more details about his project. This is a strategy. If you add a question to the buyer’s request, the buyer will knock you even if you have to answer the question. And once he knocks you, you can take orders from him, and you will have a chance to prove yourself again. So the buyer request you add questions. Of course project related. 


Some Fiverr buyers request examples.

Example 01


I can design your t-shirt. I can complete your t-shirt as soon as possible according to your timeline. Please send me any text or graphics you would like printed on the tee—a professional designer with over ten years of experience.

My portfolio link allows you to see my work:

https://www.portfolio .com

You will be given 3-4 options to choose from. You can also share any reference designs with me.

I would love it if you could message me once to get started as soon as possible.

We are grateful!

Thank you,

Your name


Fiverr buyers request Example 02

Project Requirement

This 150-year-old beer label needs to be digitally recreated for printing on tee-shirts.

Hello, I have read your project description. “I need the 150-year-old beer label digitally recreated for printing on tee shirts.” I can guarantee that I can finish your project on time and start working on your project. Please let me know when it will be completed. Eight years of experience in graphic design and illustrations. I am proficient in Logo Design, T-Shirts, Illustrator, and Graphic Design, and Photoshop. Professionalism is something I value, and I will hold myself accountable for representing my clients’ brand. look at my profile and previous work: https://www.Portfolio .com

forward to working with you.

Cheers.Your name

Fiverr buyers request Example 03

Project Requirement

This 150-year-old beer label needs to be digitally recreated for printing on tee-shirts.


I have read your entire description of the 150-YEAR-OLD BER LABEL.

I’d love to design it and meet your expectations. I have more than six years of experience in LOGO DESIGNS.

Take a look at my portfolio.

https://www.Your Portfolio .com

– All sources and raw files are delivered to me (AI, EPS JPG, PDF), PNG, TIFF, PNG).

Once the design is complete, you will own all copyrights.

Thank you,

Your name

Fiverr buyers request Example 04

Project Requirement

This 150-year-old beer label needs to be digitally recreated for printing on tee-shirts.

Good morning

Your Digitize 150-year-old beer labels match my skills. I understand your description of “I need this 150-year-old beer label digitally recreated for printing on tee-shirts and so on.”

I’m a skilled Swift photoshop artist with skills in Graphic Design, Logo Design, and Illustrator.

I have over five years of experience as a graphic designer and have worked on many projects as a graph artist.

You can find the latest reviews/feedbacks at the link below:

https://www.Your Portfolio .com

I have some questions. Can you answer them?

We look forward to receiving some form of reply from your side.

Fiverr buyers request Example 05

Project Requirement

This 150-year-old beer label needs to be digitally recreated for printing on tee-shirts.

Hello Dear, I am honored that you have chosen me to handle your graphic design needs. After getting to know more about the project, I am confident that I can deliver outstanding results on time and within budget. The graphic design proposal below outlines my work and the pricing. Please contact me with any questions.


Hopefully, the buyer’s request will be helpful if all the issues discussed above are followed carefully. One of the problems we have with non-receipt of orders just after requesting a buyer is that it will be cut off. Another thing is that when making a buyer request, you will send the buyer request with the best gig you have. A dedicated article is available on how to make a high-quality gig and fiverr gig image SEO.  

Please leave comments and questions about this article. I will answer your questions in the comments. All will be fine.