Fiverr gig image size How to bring your fiverr gig to the first page.

Fiverr gig image size How to bring your fiber gig to the first page.

The topic of our discussion today is how to create a prop fiverr gig image? And I will SEO it. Many of us do not know the size of the gig image on the fiverr. We will try to find out and in this article we will have a detailed discussion on how to be successful in Fiverr. I hope this article will be helpful for you, so read the whole article carefully.


At a glance our today’s syllabus.

What is a Fiverr gig image ?

Fiverr Gig Image In this term we understand that it is an image. So this is a special kind of image because it has a special significance. And unlike the ten ordinary images, this is an image that presents your skills and your product to the people. Presentation at a glance of the service you provide. We call this Fiverr gig.

Fiber Gig is a type of advertising that presents your service to clients and hires you from there. Why is the name “gig” so important to this image on Fiverr ? This is because the service you provide provides some very interesting information to the client about this service in the online marketplace which is why the client hires you.

Fiverr tells a certain size of this gig image. You have to make a gig by maintaining the minimum size. Otherwise the gig will not be made properly.

What is the gig image size on Fiverr ?

There is a lot of confusion online about gig images on Fiverr. Each one says the same size. But today I will clear you in this regard. To dispel this confusion, I would like to give you some information that when you visit a website, the faster that website will be able to hold its visitors.

Now if you visit a website where buffering starts or it takes a long time to load but you will not enter that website. Fiverr emphasizes this because when a client accesses their website, Fiverr wants them to be able to access their website easily. When we select a larger image for us to gig, it will take longer to load. And this matter does not like Fiverr.

We will create a gig image according to the minimum size of the Fiverr. There is no need to make high quality and no need to make low quality. We will only create gig images according to that specific size of fiber. That is

Fiverr gig image size How to bring your fiber gig to the first page.

1280 x 769 px (Updated)

We will follow the minimum size and if we create our gig image with Photoshop with “300dpi” there and with the above size when we create our gig it will be quality and beautiful.

How to make your Fiverr gig image attractive so that buyers are attracted?

There is a saying in our country that “first the philosopher then the judge” we have to keep this in mind. How much your service will sell depends on the presentation of your gig image. If your gig image is not beautiful then the buyer will not click on your gig. If you do not click then how will the buyer get an idea about your skills?

So your service will not be sold. So you have to make the gig in such a way that it clicks there. And when he clicks, he will get an idea about your service. You will read your description, you will be able to analyze your service prices, you will get an idea about your experience skills and you will be able to decide whether to give you that order or not.

So it is natural that your sales will increase when you create a good attractive gig image. I will give you some tips that if you follow the tips, your gig image will be more interesting. And hopefully your sales will increase.

1.Gig images use the correct color.

Color is very important to make your gig image beautiful and attractive. Do not use any extra color on your Fiverr gig image. You will try to create images using as few colors as possible. This will keep your gig image-standard so use a maximum of two to three colors. Do not use more than this.

2. Use of words.

Your gig image doesn’t look like you’re writing a letter to anyone. Many people do not care about this issue. Images should never be written too much. Only an idea can be given to the client. Or you can write something as if you are making a special offer to someone so that he is attracted.

For example, it may be a different percentage discount and what you will provide the service may be in short. But of course this is not the place to write in detail. There is a description box for writing details. You can write details there. Never write more words in the gig.

Leave two-thirds of the image blank and you will use text in one part.


3.Do not use low resolution images.

Never use low resolution images or blurry images in gig images. By doing this, the buyer will not go and click on you. Which can have a bad effect on your profile. So if you are not a graphics designer, then create your gig image by editing the high resolution images available online.

4. Do not use copyrighted images.

Never use copyrighted content in an image that could cause your profile to be suspended or disabled. If you need an image to create a gig image, there are some online platforms from where I can get high resolution images for free. But never use any copyrighted content in the image.

5. Never write Clickbait on a Fiverr gig image.

Never click on anything in a Fiverr gig image. Like you wrote something that you don’t provide the service. Or write something that the client saw the text and clicked on your gig but didn’t get that service from you. But then you will get in trouble if the buyer reports to you then your account may be disabled or suspended. So beware of Clickbite.

6. Irrelevant image

Do not use images that do not match your service. Many people use irrelevant images, such as graphic design services, but the image of a porn star that people click. Be careful of these matters.

7. Never use Badges in gig images.

Many people add different badges to express their skills and experience while creating gig images. Which is anti-fiber policy so Badges can never be used in gig images.

How do we get our Fiverr gig to the First page?

If we want to bring our Fiverr Gig to the first page, we need to look at a number of things from the beginning. That’s why we need to have some idea about SEO. If we can do SEO well, we can bring our gig to the first page. And if we can bring our gig on the first page, there will be much more opportunity to get orders. So let’s not know how we will SEO our gigs.

  1. Keyword research

No matter which service we sell, we need to do keyword research right from the start. The keyword of the service we will provide. Suppose I work with graphics design. Now as a word if I select graphics design it will be the worst keyword. Because this keyword has created a lot of freelancers All ready has made the gig.

So I’ll go a little deeper into graphic design and find the branches. For example, there are branches of graphic design, logo design, banner design, t-shirt design, brochure design, there are different branches. If we create a gig targeting a branch, we will be more likely to get orders. For example, T-shirt design is a branch of graphics design.

Keyword research

If I work with T-shirt design keywords then I have a chance to get a lot more orders. Find out the branches of the service you provide and work with that keyword. We have to find the low competitor keyword so we have to go to the fiber dashboard and search there. Your target keyword will see how many results there.

Do a search like this and write the search result on a notepad. You will create a gig by targeting the keyword with the lowest result.

2. Keyword position

Once we get low competitor keywords, we will create gigs with those keywords. Where do we use the keywords? I’m saying that. We need to put the focusing keywords in the gig title first, focus once, and have the associated keywords twice.

The description will have our focusing keyword a total of five times. The keywords must be used with the names of the services that we will create.

The FAQ section will have keywords, the requirements will be, and the tag section will have our focusing keywords. That way we have to put the focusing keywords in every place.

3. Gig image Optimisation

When we have the gig image ready, we have to go and optimize the images. I will explain the optimization process through an image below. We will provide our gig title descriptions and tags.

Gig image Optimisation

Gig image Optimisation


Then we will complete the description optimization. If we do this, our gig images will come first in Google search and if we search for fiverr, it will work well.

Where to download copyright free stock photos?

There are several websites from which you can download the necessary photos. But one thing to keep in mind is not to download and use the gig image directly. Edit the photos well, add different elements according to your service and then publish as an image.

Then there will be no problem. Below I am giving links to some websites from where you can download the required photos.

  1. pixabay


2. Reshot





My advice

We hope you find the above information useful. If you use the information correctly while making the fiber gig, then hopefully your fiber gig will come to the first page and get the order. There is more information like this on our website.

See our other articles. We have dedicated t-shirt design tutorials. Check them out. We hope you find them useful. Develop your graphics design skills by watching regular T-shirt design related videos being published on our YouTube channel.