T-shirt design free vector file download

There is a link below each video to download the vector file. You can download the vector files by going to Google Drive from that link. These are completely free. But remember one thing, don’t copy my video tutorials and publish them for sale elsewhere. This can get you into trouble with copyright.

1. Motorcycle T shirt design In Illustrator| Advanced Design Tutorial Bangla

  1. Motorcycle T-shirt Design Download all vector files by click this link

2. T-Shirt Design Tutorial Bangla Vintage Typography design in Illustrator.

In this video I showed you how to design a t-shirt for Mother’s Day. A typography t-shirt has been designed using some text here. No vectors were used in the design so there is no vector file in this design

3. T Shirt Design Tutorial Adventure T shirt design in Illustrator.

Watch this video carefully to learn how to do adventure t-shirt design tutorials and I did not give the sentences because of the vectors used here. But you can download some vector files from the link below.

Click here to download the zip riding t-shirt design vector files.

Note that there is no jeep factory here, only forest trees are provided here. Collect the zip car vector from Google. 

4. Hunting T-shirt design in Illustrator

Custom Typography T-shirt Design No vectors used here so no download file. Watch the video carefully. There should be no problem in designing such custom typography t-shirts. If you don’t understand somewhere in the video, please comment in the comment box on YouTube.

5. Rock Music T-shirt design in Illustrator

Download all the vector files used in this design especially the guitar drumset and other ribbon videos below.

Click here to download all the vector files.

6. T-shirt Design Tutorial Bangla | Adventure shirt design In Illustrator

I have taken some vector files of this t-shirt design from Google. And the forest files that are here, I have given you the download link, you can download it from there. And download some necessary elements from Google.

6. Click here to download the vector files.

7. Hunting T-shirt design In Illustrator

I have taken the used vector vector of this t-shirt from Google so you have to collect it and download all the other vectors by clicking here.

8. Advanced Typography T-Shirt Design Tutorial

Download all the vector files and source file videos used in this video from the link given below.

9. Advanced T-shirt Design Tutorial Bangla | Gun and Skull T-shirt design in Illustrator

This is an advanced t-shirt design tutorial. Here is a step-by-step analysis of the whole design. If you are interested in learning t-shirt design, watch the video from here and then click on the source file.

Download all the free fonts used in T-shirt design from here.

10. Advanced Motorcycle T-Shirt Design Tutorial

This video below may be the best for you to learn advanced motorcycle t-shirt design. If you can watch this video tutorial carefully. Click the source file download button below the video to download all the elements and source files used in this video.

11. Campaign T shirt design tutoria

In this video I have shown you how to design a summer t-shirt step by step. To download all the elements and source files used in this video, click on the download button below this video.

Creative Typography T Shirt Design Tutorial Bangla

We also have many more t-shirt design tutorials on this unique zone You tube channel

Vintage T shirt design tutorial

Vintage Style Typography T-Shirt Design Tutorial Bangla

Custom Typography T Shirt Design Tutorial Bangla