Upload slow? How long does it take to upload a YouTube video? Fix it.

So How long does it take to upload Your YouTube video?

Is it taking too long to upload videos to YouTube? Do you want to know the time it takes? Upload a video to YouTube? Hello, I am Al-Amin. I am also today we will know the details about this. Uploading videos on YouTube often gets stuck, uploads don’t take long, uploads get stuck, or uploads get stuck. This can be due to various reasons. Let’s find out some of the reasons I’ve found in the light of the YouTube forum and my analysis.


There are several significant reasons why video uploads to YouTube can be affected.

1. Upload times your file size,

2. Internet bandwidth speed

3. Video resolution.

Uploading videos to YouTube can take minutes to hours. If uploading videos to your YouTube is stuck or takes too long.

Upload times your file size.

Determines the file type, size of your video when uploading videos. The larger the size of your video, the longer the upload time.

Recommended upload encoding settings for YouTube


Frame rate

It is essential to encode and upload content at the same frame rate as it was recorded.

Video Common frame rates are 24, 25, 30 and 48 and 50 frames per second. Other frame rates are acceptable.

Before uploading interlaced content, it is important to deinterlace it. Deinterlace 1080i60 content to 1080p30, for example. Sixty interlaced fields should be deinterlaced every second to enable 30 progressive frames per sec.

Recommended video bitrates for SDR uploads PIC

Recommended video bitrates for HDR uploads PIC


Resolution and aspect ratio

YouTube’s standard aspect ratio is 16:9. The player automatically adjusts to any aspect ratio, such as square or vertical, when uploading videos with different aspect ratios. This allows for the best viewing experience, regardless of the aspect ratio or device.

Internet bandwidth speed

Internet speed affects who uploads your YouTube videos because if the internet speed is low, it may take a long time to upload. If you think the video takes too long to upload, check your internet connection and its speed. You can watch it to fit your internet speed. Also, if your browser is slow, it may take longer to upload your video. In this case, you can clear the browser’s cache cookie.

Video resolution.

Many times it takes more time to upload high-resolution videos. High resolution means high-quality videos. In this case, the size of the video becomes much larger, and it takes a long time to upload it to YouTube. There are some compressor software by which if your video file is much larger, this software can be used to reduce the size a bit.

How long does a 20-minute video take to process on YouTube?

I usually make t-shirt design tutorials, and the videos are done in ten to fifteen minutes. After uploading the video, it takes a maximum of three minutes to process, and my internet speed is “2 Mbps”, which means I don’t use high-speed internet. It takes me a maximum of one minute to upload the video. It takes me a maximum of one minute to upload a 15-minute video, and it takes a maximum of two minutes to process. If you calculate 20 minutes, then my two tapes will be equal, then it may take 4 minutes to process.

What is the processing time for a YouTube video that lasts 1 hour?

As I said above, it takes YouTube a maximum of 2 minutes to process a 10-minute video. In this case, if you upload a one hour video, it will take 10 to 12 minutes to process. It should not be more than that. The number of items being processed will affect the processing time: video resolution and video quality. Since I don’t make very high-resolution videos, it may take me a little less time. If you make a high-quality video, it may take a little longer.

What to do if your YouTube video processing is stuck?

This happened many times to me. The video I uploaded is still being processed. And it is taking a lot of time, so what can we do if this is the case? It may be that the YouTube server is down for maintenance, and you uploaded the video at that time. If it takes more than eight hours, delete it and try uploading again. In this case, you can try even after one day. You can also try your YouTube channel in another browser. If there is a problem with the internet connection, the upload may be stopped.

How long does it take to upload an HD property video tour to YouTube?

It can take up to several hours to upload a video depending on your internet connection speed and the size. If you have a fast Internet connection, you can expect uploads to take 1 second per 1MB. The rate of your relationship can make the upload experience different for each user. YouTube estimates that uploading a video of 2:30 and 50MB could take 50 minutes. YouTube then runs the video through the video processor, just like all other video sites. You will have to restart if your Internet connection goes down or the server does a reset.

Why is my YouTube video stuck at 99 processing?

The upload time can fluctuate depending on factors like video size, format and internet connectivity. To fix the issue and eliminate the YouTube video processing stuck on 99, refresh the page or delete the video and re-upload it. Or you can try with the suggestions mentioned above. If Ninety Nine Percent Processing gets stuck, I suggest you wait a while. If your internet connection is fine, it will be fine in a time.

How to Upload a Video on YouTube Faster?

There is no fast internet connection option for fast uploading to YouTube. The more fast the internet connection you have, the faster you will upload to YouTube. Also, read the video recommendations well, and you will know how to upload your videos to YouTube by rendering. If you already have a high-speed internet connection but still don’t upload fast to YouTube, delete the cache cookies in your browser or try with a new browser. Hopefully, you can upload YouTube videos faster.

How long does a YouTube video have to be to make money?

A great question is how long YouTube can give income? A simple answer to this is that you can earn revenue from YouTube as long as you are violating the policies of youtube. YouTube is a permanent income platform. If you work here in a reliable way, you are less likely to go there. The chances of success are high, so there is no need to choose YouTube as a career first. Keep trying on YouTube along with other work, and at some point, you will get good results from YouTube. When you can start a good amount of income from YouTube, choosing YouTube as a career is not a problem. Try to earn income from YouTube in a halal way.

Why are my videos blurry on YouTube after uploading?

If a video becomes blurry after uploading, assume that your video resolution needs to be improved. Try to upload high-resolution videos as much as possible. Then the video will not be blurred after uploading. You know that after uploading a video to YouTube, it is compressed. If you have a video of 2000 MB, it is compressed and made smaller. So compressing reduces your video resolution a bit. Upload a high-resolution video to YouTube. If you upload it, I hope it won’t be blurred.