How to Clean Motherboard / Professional guide step by step

How to Clean Motherboard Professional guide step by step

Hello, what’s up? Hope everybody is well. But surely your computer is not good. Are you looking for how to clean your motherboard? Don’t worry, I’m here.

The motherboard is the heart of any computer. A small problem with the motherboard can have a significant impact on the computer’s performance. Therefore, it is obvious that the motherboard must be maintained and taken care of.

The motherboard can become dirty and dusty over time. In addition, if the motherboard is not maintained regularly, it can overheat, malfunction, or even stop functioning altogether.

Let’s now talk about cleaning it. It can be difficult to clean a motherboard because even the smallest damage or error could cause it to perform poorly. But don’t be discouraged. I’m here.

I will tell you some of the best ways to clean the computer motherboard.

The blower can be used to clean the motherboard by high-speed wind or any other device that allows air to flow in a very fast and narrow way. The best method is to use a blower. There is no possibility of damage to any component of the computer. Some might wonder if it’s okay to clean the motherboard with a vacuum cleaner or cloth. However, each method has its own set of hazards. For example, static could be caused by a vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, damage to the motherboard cloth can leave behind fibers, so applying pressure for thorough cleaning is important.

The second method is to use “thinner” to clean carefully. Because if you are not a pure thinner, your computer’s motherboard can be damaged. I will discuss this in detail. Read the whole article carefully.

How to Clean Motherboard with compressed air?

Compressed air is the best and most efficient method to clean the motherboard. Compressed air can be purchased, or you can use an “air blower” which compresses the air without heating it.

After you have shut down your computer completely and taken it apart, you can use compressed air to remove dirt and dust particles. Some dust particles can be difficult to remove. To help you with this task, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush. To loosen dust particles, use the brush lightly and then compress air to remove them completely.

How to clean motherboard with isopropyl alcohol/Thinner

You may need to use compressed air if you have sticky stains. Use isopropyl alcohol for stubborn stains to be removed.

It is important to use a liquid on your motherboard with care. Make sure that you are using a cleaner with isopropyl alcohol at least 90% purity. Ideally, it should be at least 99%. This liquid is non-conductive, and it dries very quickly. Some precautions should be taken when cleaning the motherboard with thinner.


As if there is no fire around you. Because thinner is a lot like petrol, so if there is a fire nearby, it can damage your motherboard. There are also some components that cannot be used thinner. He has to clean the components carefully. The component of the processor is especially important when using thinner.

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How to clean a motherboard with isopropyl alcohol ( Very important)

There is much debate about the best way to clean a motherboard with alcohol. Some recommend pouring the alcohol on the motherboard and giving it an alcohol bath. Others prefer to use a cotton swab. The type of dirt or stains you’re dealing with will determine the best process.
We recommend that you use a cotton swab for applying the Isopropyl Alcohol to remove sticky substances or difficult-to-remove particles. This will remove dust particles.


Some particles, like carbon and soldering junk, may remain in extreme cases. An alcohol bath can be used to give your motherboard a clean slate. If your motherboard is unable to respond or has accumulated dirt, you can use this method.

How to start cleaning the motherboard?

First, turn off your computer completely and unplug everything connected to the computer You make sure your computer has no electricity.

Computer casing Take it out in a clean and bright place. And very carefully remove all the elements in the computer. Open all the cables with special care and keep the power supply, hard disk, processor, RAM in one place with caution.

After removing all the elements from your PC, now first clean all the elements using a blower. And the dust that will not go away after using the blower is a soft brush that must be dry. Clean each element where there is dust with a brush like this.

In some cases, it is not possible to clean completely using a blower or brush. In this case, isopropyl alcohol is used to clean. Isopropyl alcohol is to be used with extreme caution. Because the motherboard is a very sensitive circuit. Single dust here can force you to change the motherboard. So in the case of use of isopropyl alcohol you can use cotton buds. It will take some time to clean each component but it is the safest. Moreover, if you have experience with circuits, you can immerse and clean isopropyl alcohol. In this case, it depends on your skin.

Before reinstalling all the purses on the computer, you can dry your motherboard in the sun for a while. In this case, it can be a lot risk-free, but you must keep it in a place where dust will not come.

Wow did a great job. Now it’s time to reinstall them. The way you are separating each part Very carefully re-install every cable, processor, power supply everything very carefully and restart your computer.

If we remember some things, we will not have big problems with our computer, let’s not know.

If we run our computer for eight hours a day, then 2920 hours a year. We need to clean our computer at least once a year to keep it running. If it is completely cleaned, dirt cannot accumulate in its circuits. And when dirt accumulates, it becomes a short circuit and your motherboard can be discarded. You know how to clean Motherboard. So from now on Clean  Motherboard at least once a year.


If your computer has a warranty, you can take it to that vendor. In this case, they will clean your computer with professionalism.

Before using any liquid for cleaning, ask the computer vendor who knows best and follow their advice.

I say again, turn off the computer completely. As if there is no electricity. If you accidentally touch your computer while there is electricity, you can get a shock. In this case, you will get sick before your computer recovers.

Before using isopropyl alcohol, make sure that it is 99 percent pure. This is because if there is no pure alcohol, the motherboard will not dry when it is cleaned and if it does not dry and there is isopropyl alcohol in any place and if you connect electricity in that condition, then there is a possibility that your motherboard will burn.


The motherboard must be well dried before reinstalling. Dry well then installs and restarts the computer.