How to create remembrance memorial t-shirt designs.

People die at a time, leaving behind their relatives and some passionate happy memories, we can hold them nicely with the remembrance memorial t-shirt designs. In this article, we will learn how we can create an interesting remembrance memorial t-shirt design in honor of a dead person, I will give you a complete guideline in this regard.

What are remembrance memorial t-shirt designs?

Memorial t-shirts hold a unique place in American culture. It is a T-shirt design that is made “for the purpose of honoring a person where a picture of him or a statement dedicated to him is published”. The West Coast gained even greater popularity in the nineties.

To this day, memorial teas are one of the most popular ways to pay homage to someone, often from a marginalized community who died very early. Read on to learn more about some design ideas and sayings that you can wear on your own commemorative t-shirt. Many times our loved ones die very early.

We want to do something in their honor, we pray to Almighty Allah for the peace of their souls. And I wish peace for his soul in other religions and in their own way. We use different ways to express our love for them. Memorial T-shirt design is an expression of love.

How to make remembrance memorial t-shirt designs?

One of the branches of graphics design is T-shirt design. So it is only possible for an artist to create a perfect T-shirt design. Designing skills, patience, and the necessary resources are required to create a beautiful and attractive design.

If you want to create a commemorative t-shirt design for your loved one or for your online store, you can take the help of various freelancer platforms online. Where you can find any professional you need. Here are some of the best t-shirt design websites

Things to keep in mind when making remembrance memorial t-shirt designs.

Since we will design T-shirts to honor a dead person, no wrong colors or graphics can be used to create the opposite impression among people instead of honoring them.

The exact size and placement of the design.

There are different types of T-shirt designs and placement according to the type. A funny t-shirt design placement will be one type and an organization’s design placement will be another type.


So it will depend on what kind of T-shirt design we are making. And why I’m making it. Since remembrance memorial t-shirt designs are a design that makes us emotionally memorable, naturally it is not a funny t-shirt design. This T-shirt is usually designed to show respect to anyone involved in our emotions.


So we have to press it in the right place. As if the design easily attracts people and creates empathy. This task is only possible for a professional designer. It can also be designed to your liking if it is made in an attractive way.

Choosing the right Quote.

The design will attract more attention if you use a nice quote in honor of your desired person with nice graphics. To find a quote that reminds you of the person you want to design.
Maybe anything he said to you all the time in his life.


I personally do not encourage the use of pictures of the deceased. Because it is forbidden in Islamic law but you can use any statement for that purpose, there is no prohibition in it. You can ask people to pray for him so that in the Hereafter his soul will be at peace. So use any such graphics is allowed in Islam. And use a quote so that anyone who sees it sympathizes with it and prays for it.

Keep the design simple.

 As a t-shirt designer, I can say that keeping the commemorative t-shirt design simple makes it look more beautiful and attractive. Because it’s not a rockstar or hip-hop t-shirt design. So keeping as simple as possible will make you feel better and more attractive. Simple design and color are very important to create a positive impression in people’s minds.

Use of good and correct fonts

 One thing I keep saying is the right graphics, the right design, and the right font. The font is very important. Again, this is not a funny T-shirt design. It’s a way to show respect to someone. There is nothing wrong with that. Wrong no graphics can be selected.

So keep in mind that a professional designer knows the typography techniques very well. You can learn more about what kind of graphics can be used in remembrance memorial t-shirt designs by talking to a good graphic designer. There are many skilled graphic designers in the online marketplaces today who are well versed in color theory and graphics theory and they will not let you create any wrong design.

So I suggest that if you want to design a commemorative T-shirt for your loved ones then hire a professional who will design the T-shirt according to your needs.

Remembrance memorial t-shirt designs ideas for you

This part of the article is for those who work with T-shirt designers or print on demand or have their own T-shirt stores and those who sell T-shirts. Here I will share some design ideas with you.

Airbrushed remembrance memorial t-shirt

Probably the most iconic style of commemorative t-shirt is an airbrush t-shirt. In urban areas where wall graffiti and street art are prevalent, many have airbrushing machines. They can use the brushing machine to create their own hand-painted designs. These shirts are often brightly colored and graphically eye-catching.

They may feature stylized portraits of the deceased. The writing is often done in a version of the classic bubble character style of graffiti fonts. You can make designs by adding a picture of a dead person or a feature. If any of your acquaintances can make such designs, then make them by them.

Or you can hire a graphics designer if you want. Because I would prefer that you do these designs with the help of a professional.

You can design with multiple pictures of the desired person

(Special note Although I do not support T-shirt design using pictures)

If you want to create a T-shirt design in memory of a special person, then you will have a problem selecting any one picture. Because if you design a t-shirt in memory of a famous person, he may have different pictures of different styles so since you will make the t-shirt for sale purpose then your customer will like different style pictures. In this case, you can design the T-shirt using multiple images. This will increase customer satisfaction and also create demand for your T-shirt.

Memoirs memorial t-shirt designs based on family

Sometimes people want T-shirts with similar designs. This is another variation of that theme. If a central member of the family dies, their relatives may wish to receive a commemorative T-shirt made in their honor. Even they can all agree on a favorite photo of the deceased. However, they may want to separate it by highlighting their relationship with the deceased.

For example, if the father of a family dies, family members may ask for a similar design T-shirt but the words will be different, such as “Dear Dad,” “Dear Husband,” or “Dear Big Brother.” But sometimes it can be graphics or a person’s art to design according to demand

Remembrance memorial t-shirt designs to raise funds

Sometimes commemorative T-shirt designs are made after the death of a loved one to raise funds. For special family occasions, it can be for the death anniversary of the deceased or for the death anniversary of a loved one or for raising funds in honor of the deceased.

Friends and family members can sell T-shirts online so that people can order and buy them, or they can raise funds by creating a website where there is a fixed price for T-shirts and a charity in honor of the deceased collects them. Will.

Or sometimes family members give a gift bag in memory of a loved one, the bag will contain a T-shirt that will usually be given as a gift to those who will help raise funds.

Hopefully, I have cleared some issues as a t-shirt designer and I will update this article further later. Knock me out if you have trouble understanding something or if I can help in any way you need for your project. I would be very happy to help you.