how to share a private youtube video / And 05 important YouTube tricks

How are you all? Another important article appeared before you today, we will know How to share a private youtube video. And 05 important YouTube tricks that can be used to take YouTube performance to the next level.

You know that YouTube is a top-level video-sharing platform. Here every day millions of creators are sharing their new videos. YouTube has several options for video sharing. Using which we can control the viewers of our videos. We can decide who can watch these videos and who can’t.


Why is YouTube video private sharing needed?
The answer is, we often make videos that we want to show to certain people. Or I have created a tutorial that only my students will see. Or any YouTube video that I would like to share with my friends before the final publication who will give their opinion about the video. There are a few more reasons why we can share YouTube private videos. But one important thing is that I am never talking about publishing anyone’s personal video.


Let’s take a look at what I’m going to find out today.

how to share a private youtube video?

how to share a private youtube video

In order to share YouTube videos privately, we first need to upload this video to YouTube. If you don’t know how to upload youtube videos then I suggest you first enter youtube using a chrome browser then click on the “CREATE” button shown in the picture on the top right side,

And click on upload

And click on upload videos, then select your desired video from the file. Upload Once saved, save the video to “Private”.

save the video to "Private".

Now we will go back to our Creator Studio and find the desired video. By clicking there on the three-dot menu and “Get shareable link”

Get shareable link

If we want to send a link to our video via a specific email, we will edit our video details, go to Creator Studio and click on the pencil icon in our video.

video via a specific email,

Then you have to click on the place marked in picture number two. Then click “Share privately” as shown in Figure 3.

Enter the email addresses of the people you want to share the video with within an empty box. And here you can give more than one email address with the email addresses and click Done below. Then you know how to share a private youtube video.

What is a highlighted comment on youtube?

YouTube is by far the best and most popular of the video-sharing platforms. The platform has about 1 million active creators who are constantly creating videos to make money. YouTube has recently launched a new feature called “Comment Highlights” that many do not understand how it works or how to turn on. We will learn some information to clear up this confusion.


When a comment is highlighted it is at the top. And this comment is very easy to find. Since it is at the top, any comment you like can be a question about your content. If you keep highlighting, you don’t have to look for the question to answer this question later. That will be on top.

When a content creator makes a video live, he can highlight his own comments or any comments from his viewers. This is for full content creators. Visitors cannot highlight comments.

How to change youtube banner?

We can present our channel more beautifully in YouTube cover photos. What about the channel? Some information can be given about the subject of the channel and the channel owner. The YouTube cover photo also provides a beautiful background that makes your channel stand out in a more attractive way in front of the viewers.


However, making channel cover photos is a little difficult. Because if it is not measured properly here, it cannot be placed well. So we need to know how big is the YouTube cover photo? And where we will put the main design and how to upload it to our channel. Let us first know about its size.

youtube banner size

I will make a youtube cover photo youtube or banner in this size usually 2560 by 1440 pixels. However, it is initial size. There is some more work inside here. For example, different sizes for different devices, different sizes for mobile viewing, different sizes for tablets and different sizes for computers, different sizes for TVs, now we have to do all sizes within 2560 * 1440. That’s why there are different types of templates available online that we can use to create our YouTube banner or cover photo. So here I am giving you a sample so that you can understand.

How to change the youtube banner?

First, sign in to YouTube from your channel and Select My Channel.

Click on your profile picture and go to the Customize channel.

Click here to add ad new channel art at the top of the banner or you can change it if you already have a channel art or cover photo here. Here you will find two options, one is adding new channel art or change photos, there will be two options, from here you can select anyone. Click on Edit Channel Art and upload the previously created cover photo from your computer here.

Now you will see a preview. Here you can crop a little if you want so that your design is in the middle in the right way. We need to make our design perfect so that your design does not get cut anywhere, as you can see in the picture above. If you make your cover photo with this rule, hopefully, it will not be cut and your desired design will be seen better with the mobile device.

Now you can share your social media links here if you want. It will show in the bottom right corner of the banner. Click on the pencil icon for this. Adding your social media links one by one will make your banner more attractive.

How to delete a playlist on youtube?

How do I delete my YouTube playlist? Do I really want to delete my playlist? Now there are many reasons why we may need to delete a playlist. You offered something that is no longer available. Maybe you made an offer for your e-commerce website that you don’t want to keep anymore.  We may have to delete the playlist for various reasons. Today we will learn how to delete our youtube video playlist. Either let’s get started.

  • First, we will go to the homepage of our channel and from there we will click on this button to customize the channel.
  • Now look at the bottom of the cover photo of your channel and click on the button that has a playlist.
  • Now, click on the title of the playlist you want to delete.
  • Now you can see all the videos in your playlist. Get the playlist editor from here and click on the edit button.
  • Now click on the Three Dot menu on the top right.
  • Now click “Delete Playlist” from the dropdown menu.
  • Now you need to confirm whether you really want to delete your playlist. Confirm if you really want to delete the playlist.

But keep in mind that once your playlist is deleted, it will no longer be possible to restore it. So if you don’t want to show it to people, you can keep it private. Once deleted, keep in mind that they can not be brought back.


How to cut a youtube video that’s not yours?

Now we can cut any part of YouTube video and share it on our Instagram, Facebook, and other social media if we want. Although it falls under copyright, we may use small clips with their permission.


This will make our Instagram profile grow faster. How can we get interesting clips from YouTube? That’s why we need to do this using some software. Now it is possible to do this even with mobile.


There is various software that you can use to cut the video and leave certain parts. And you can upload it to your social media profile.


There are several video editing software out there that can help you do just that. Kinemaster is a popular software by which you can cut videos and has Power Director as well as computers have Filmora, Camtasia. There are several such software that you can use to create small clips like this.

YT Cutter

Also through this website online we can cut and use certain parts from any video. All you have to do is log in to this website and link to the video you want. Now you will play and end up from there as much as you want from the specified time. Now you get the option to download the video.

How to reverse a youtube playlist?

When we watch videos on YouTube, it is often necessary to start videos from behind, especially when we watch tutorial videos. So there are some chrome extensions to reverse playlists that are very easy to reverse any playlist using. I am telling you about such a tool.

  1. First, open the Chrome browser on your computer and search for a Chrome Web Store.
  2. Next, type an Iridium for YouTube extension in the search box and press Enter.
  3. Now you click on Add to Chrome then you add the extension and you will get a pop-up then your selected extension.
  4. will be added to the browser.
  5. Open YouTube and play a video of your choice from a playlist.
  6. A reverse button next to the playlist content on the right. Click on it.
  7. Playlist videos will now run in reverse mode.

My advice

This article was our topic today How to share a private youtube video  I hope you understand a little bit and there should be no problem in this regard. We’ve also learned a number of other things, so one thing we must keep in mind when sharing YouTube videos privately is that no one’s privacy is compromised.

YouTube video private sharing is an important feature that we can use to share tutorial videos for free and also use for many different purposes. See our other articles. We hope you can learn a lot from our website.