Online jobs for students.

The Best Online Jobs For Students.

My student viewers shared what their jobs are, and now, I’ll share it with you too. I will share their actual online job. If you’re a student who wants to work online to support your studies, make sure to Then read this article carefully from beginning to end. Students have different skills and jobs they do. A job may not be for you, but there’s this other job that suits you. Being a student is not having the advantage of fare discounts. Being a student is quite a disadvantage here in the online jobs world.


There are clients that don’t accept student freelancers. But that does not apply to all, we have student viewers who were hired online. It’s a bit of a disadvantage. We have two requirements. First, you have to be hardworking, not lazy, because this is not an “easy money” task. These are real jobs that we have to spend time and effort on. Second is, you should be serious that you want to work from home. You cannot play around here. We have real clients that are paying us here. They have real businesses, so we’ll deal with real clients here. You should not be playing around in working at home.


Number 1 job that most of our student viewers gave feedback on, most of them are earning extra income through this, but this is not to be considered a full-time/regular job. Number 1, they’re earning through survey sites. What’s good in trying out survey sites, they mustn’t experience or certain skills. You have to answer their surveys. Survey sites will post available surveys that you can answer. Once you’re done with the survey, you’ll be rewarded with either cash or points. If you receive points, you can have that encashed. The only disadvantage is, this is not a full-time job. You’ll not have surveys to answer for the whole 8-hour work. If they’re not sending out surveys, then we’ll not have surveys to answer.


What you can do is, register for as many surveys as you can (that we shared already). In that way, you’ll have more chances of getting a survey to answer. This is an extra income, the most you can earn is around 500 to 1,000 per month. That can be for your small needs in school. extra cash for you. Next part, 3 students shared about this, there are others who do this as well and was not able to share. They are paid hourly or paid per project. These students are able to earn 10,000 to 50,000 per month. That’s a student earning that amount. They also have different skills, so they also have different jobs. If I were you, watch the whole video. So you will get an idea about the jobs they’re currently doing. Let’s start with student 1, home mates. Student 1 is earning 10,000 to 15,000 pesos weekly. He’s earning that much per week.


Student 1 is currently in college. And he currently has 3 clients, that’s considered many. His job is as a VA for a doctor. I will not be in-depth here since they’re very technical. The second job is VA for a dropshipping business. His third job is as a T-shirt designer in online jobs. ph. So for his second job, VA of a dropshipping business. The first task that he does is browse Amazon for cheap products, then they will sell them to Walmart. They’re using a tool, which he didn’t give out. The second task he does is the data entry/copy-paste job. He’s completing customer orders then send the transaction details to his client/manager. It’s also a flexible kind of shift. He works 1 to 3 hours in the morning, then finishes everything in the afternoon. His rate is $3 to $8 per hour. We’ll not mention their exact rate and name to protect their identity. I also asked him if he told his clients that he’s a student. And he said that yes, he mentioned it in the interview process and the client agreed that he can also for flexible hours. If you’ll be applying and you’re a student, make sure that you’ll be honest about it. There are clients that will hire you, but there are also some that will not, move on and find another one. Student 1 also has no experience in dropshipping when he applied. The actual job post said that the client is hiring a VA, and bonus if knowledgeable in dropshipping.


What student 1 did, he watched YouTube videos before applying. He also Googled ideas about dropshipping. When he applied, he mentioned that he has some knowledge about dropshipping. He doesn’t have the experience, but he has some knowledge about it. Then he got hired. Student 1’s third job is designing T-shirts for clients in online Let’s now move on to our second student. She’s an 18-year old incoming college student but already has an online job. Second, her client’s mode of payment is via PayPal. Most students are having issues with that, let’s talk about what she did. She’s a writer. As a writer,

The Best Online Jobs For Students
The Best Online Jobs For Students


she’ll be writing articles, blogs for companies, websites, and businessmen. Let’s have some samples of articles. This one I’ll show you is one of my businesses and I have a writer who writes for these articles. This is more about food, recipes. Talong balls, eggplant balls. That’s one of our articles, a recipe guide found on our website. This whole post was written by our client. She copy-pasted the title from our YouTube video. The ingredients were also copy-pasted from our YouTube video. The procedure is what our writer is doing. She watched the video on YouTube then type them into words. This is one example, but there are many other kinds of articles. There’re articles about technology, laptops, computers.


There are also articles about celebrities, and many more. It depends on what industry you’re client is working in. Our student freelancer for that is earning $2 to $5 per hour. The next topic is about the mode of payment. Her client is paying her via PayPal. Considering she’s only 18-year old without any IDs available. He asked for her parent’s help. Particularly, her mother. She asked her other to create a PayPal account for her she explained that she’ll apply for an online job and the client will pay her through that. Since she doesn’t have IDs, she asked her mom to open an account for her. So her PayPal is under her mother’s name, using her mother’s ID and bank account too. Her mother’s the one receiving the payment through PayPal and withdrawing it to cash too. Your parents might ask for a small fee from you,


it’s okay and up to you. One important thing, she asked permission from her mom to open a PayPal account. They should also know that you’ll use it for an online job or for whatever other reason. It’s prohibited to create a PayPal account using somebody else’s name without their permission. Her client is sending her payment there’s no issue about that,
that she’s using her mom’s PayPal most websites are also accepting users that are using PayPal credentials different from their website details. But there are websites that must freelancers have some credentials in the website and PayPal. By the way, students 1 and 2 both able to get their jobs through online Student 1 made 200 proposals before getting a client, the one with the dropshipping business. For student 2, it took two months of applying before getting a client. It will not happen right away,


that after you watch this video, you’ll get hired right away. It took months for our students before landing a job. It’s not 2 tries, 3 tries, then giving up already because of not getting a response. You can’t be lazy here, you should be hardworking. Our student 3, a male college graduating student. He was able to find jobs on two freelancing websites. and online In, he’s able to earn through participating in logo making contests. He’ll create a logo, and if his logo gets chosen by the client, he’ll receive the payment for it. He won three times, each amounting to $50, $100, and $120. In a contest, if you don’t get chosen, then you won’t get any prize/pay. By the way, if you were to try watch my video first about how to spot a scam online jobs. In, there are quite many scams, so be careful. Next, through online, our student 3 got a client as a graphic design artist. He’s getting paid $0.50 per design. He said that the designs he’s doing are very easy. He’s spending 10 to 15 minutes on each design. It’s okay for him since it’s easy with flexible time. Currently, he has a new job and a different client. He got that client from paying him $10 to $15 per hour. He has a limit of 10 hours per week for now.

The Best Online Jobs For Students
The Best Online Jobs For Students


The lesson there is, student 3 started from the bottom earning only $0.50 per design but after 6 months or one year, his rate went up to $10 to $15 per hour. The lesson is, you’ll not be stagnant from where you started. The more time flies, you improve your skills, the higher your rate becomes. So we have three students here who are able to earn working from home. You can do any type of online job as long as you know how to do it. Also, it’s better if you can find a flexible time online job. If you want a list of flexible time jobs,


comment down:

“Flexible time online jobs”. By the way, all three of our students used their computer in applying. But they’re only using less than i3 or Ryzen 3 computers, their computers are not that expensive, it’s Intel Pentium only. The other students got AMD A6 and A9. Student 1 only used a 5,000 worth computer pulled out from a computer shop. Some might ask about not having a computer/laptop, and use phones. You need to look for a job that you can do using only your cellphone. You can find jobs through Fiverr I also have a video about jobs that you can do using only your cellphones. Set your expectations if you only have cellphones. That’s another disadvantage for you. Clients prefer those who are using a computer. When it comes to schedule, let me tell you what student 1 did, his client told him that he needs to work 2 hours a day. Student 1 then told that he will work 1 hour in the morning then he would work the remaining in the afternoon or at night.


Student 1 then told his schedule preference right away He did not complain about decreasing the work hours as he is still studying. He did not complain and ask to work 30 minutes or 1 hour a day. He did not ask the client to give him special considerations. He made a way for it to work with his schedule. Let’s not ask for special considerations from clients because of our class schedule. Make away yourself. When you applied, you know the things you have to consider doing. You have to sacrifice time for this. I am not against the student applicants, I want to help them. I want them to take this because of course, I don’t want Filipinos to have a bad image because of happy go lucky students, who are not taking their clients. Important reminders these are for students who are serious about wanting to earn through working at home Next, be honest and tell them that you’re a student. Third, if you’re not mature enough, that you don’t understand the importance of what I’ve told you today,


this is not for you. try applying again after 1 or 2 years, once you’re mature enough. First, learn the skill you want. Next, be hardworking. Third, apply through freelancing websites. You can register for online jobs. ph and Fiverr. In Fiverr, the minimum age who can apply is 13 years old. If you have any questions, comment down below. I’ll try to answer them once a day. Thank you for watching. See you next time.