Please upload a valid PNG Merch by Amazon upload problem

This “Please upload a valid PNG” error when uploading to Amazon by March shows that our PNG file is not correct for some reason. Uploading Problems In this post I will explain to you what causes this problem and how to fix one.

This “Please upload a valid PNG” Why this error?

March Brothers have given some guidelines for uploading to Amazon on their site. Where you can save your artwork. So even if we do everything right, it can still show this error. Here you have to take 4500*5400 but even if we do everything right, it comes. Why is that?

In fact, the problem is that when we save the file in Illustrator, our Illustrator crashes and these files change. The properties of the file change and it increases to 4500 * 5400 places due to which our files are not uploaded.

How to fix this error?

Take the artboard 4500 Intro 5400.

Place your design right in the middle of the eight boards.

File>Export as > save for web Then name PNG24 from, and artboard size 4500 * 5400
Save the transceiver and mark it on the clipboard. After saving PNG in this way, check its property details. Now see that your PNG file size has not changed. Now you can upload this file to Amazon by March without any problem.


watch the video below so you can understand what the problem was and how to fix it

We hope you have solved this problem. If you still have any problems, please comment in the comment box of the video, then we will try to find a solution. Also, read our other articles