Why My Internet is So Slow all of a Sudden/ How to increase The speed?

Why My Internet is So Slow all of a Sudden/ How to increase The speed?

Hi you calm down a little. I understand you are in a lot of trouble. Your internet speed has slowed down. What is the solution to this often? The problem that we who use the internet often have is that suddenly the speed of the internet has slowed down for no reason.

Hi, I’m Al Amin. I will try to tell you the reasons and the solution. Read the whole article carefully. I hope you will know the reason for the sudden speed of the internet.

To solve this problem of Why My Internet is So Slow all of a Sudden, we first need to find out where the problem actually happened. Is this a problem with my computer? Or any problem with internet connection? Or a server problem? We need to find out these problems first. For this we have to work in some steps.

Let’s get started.

The main points at a glance

Why My Internet is So Slow all of a Sudden ?

Why did the internet connection suddenly slow down? To test this we need to adopt some method.
The first step is to make sure that the device you are using is the only device that is slowing down the Internet. And whether the website you are visiting is only working slowly.



If only the device you are using the Internet with is slow, then the problem is with your device. In that case you need to fix your device and if you visit a specific website and only that website is getting slow then this problem is not your internet connection or your device this problem is actually on that website.

You have no hands to fix that. Now you may have to wait for their website management to fix it.

Let’s do internet-speed-test

If we are using a broadband connection then surely we have an agreement that we will use so many Mbps internet for some money. To check this I am giving below the links of some websites so that we can determine the speed of internet. Before that we need to make sure that all types of downloads and uploads are stopped.


Besides, video and audio should not be played on any device. In a word, by stopping all kinds of internet usage, we can only test our internet speed from these websites. You can use the links given below to test the internet speed.


If we feel that the speed of internet is low then we can test the speed of our internet using some websites. And we get all the information about the speed of our internet from those websites. First, open any of your browsers and access the websites listed below.

Fast.comWhy My Internet is So Slow all of a Sudden

As soon as you enter this website, you don’t have to do anything else. You will wait until your internet speed report is generated. In a moment you will be given a detailed report about your current internet speed, and here you will see that your internet speed is really low? If there is a problem with your device, if the internet speed is right here, then you have to assume that there is a problem with the device. In that case you need to find out which devices actually have your problem.


This is the second website to test the internet speed. Here you just do a tab in the place marked “Go” in the picture and you will get all the detailed information including the current upload speed and download speed of your internet connection. We need to see if we have problems with our internet connection using these websites.


If there is a problem, we need to contact the internet connection provider. As if they solved this problem. I am giving below some more internet-speed-test website links from where you can take internet speed test from any website you like.


SpeakeasySpeakeasy Why My Internet is So Slow all of a Sudden/ How to increase The speed?




When we use the internet we use a certain Mbps for a certain amount of money may not always be the right Mbps. Speed may slow down a bit when you’re away from your server. And at a busy time of the day when everyone is using the internet, your internet speed may be a bit slow. This issue must be taken care of.

What to do if the connection speed is OK

Since there is no problem with your internet connection speed, it must be assumed that there is a problem with the devices you are using. Now to make it more confirmed let’s see if it works slow when going to a particular website? Or all websites become slow to use.


If my internet shows slow to use certain websites then the problem is not with my device. If the internet connection shows slow to use all the websites then it may be a device problem.

Turn off the devices and turn them on again

Your internet is fine, but you may have Wi-Fi – which connects you to the Internet – with signal problems. A bad Wi-Fi connection can seem like an internet connection problem, especially since it can affect all devices in your home. There are several reasons why you may have a bad Wi-Fi signal.


Airwaves can be crowded with many devices nearby, a particularly common problem in dense urban areas For example, if you live in an apartment complex with neighbors where there are many wireless routers and other devices. You may have only one specific zone, something that interferes with your Wi-Fi signal, or you may have poor coverage throughout your home.


Different types of long lasting devices like routers, modems can make your PC run a bit slower due to its long running time. For this you need to restart all these devices completely. Devices need to be completely disconnected. Disconnect for 10 seconds or more. And restart them so your internet speed can come back up again.

Complain to your broadband authority

If you are using a broadband internet line, check your cable. If any other cable connection is provided from your cable, it means that a connection divider is created, then your internet speed may be reduced, and take a look at the connected divider. If you can’t figure out if there is a problem, tell your internet provider about your problem. I hope they will solve your problem.

You can Try other DNS Servers

You can change the DNS server from your computer. This can increase the speed of the Internet. The DNS server is overloaded by default, which slows down your internet connection. There are many videos on YouTube on how to change the DNS server, you can change your DNS server by watching from there.


Leaving the computer or any other device on for a long time slows down a bit. In this case, if the devices start running again with a break, its performance increases a bit. As our Internet connected devices continue to run day after day, such as routers, mobile devices, etc., these devices continue to run uninterrupted. When these devices are restarted with a little brake, its performance increases a bit.


I would advise you not to worry too much if your internet connection becomes slow or sudden, just turn off your device once and restart it. Hopefully this problem will be solved. You can also complain to the broadband provider if your internet connection is damaged due to broadband. In this case, they will investigate the matter and take action. I hope the whole article will help you a lot.


I’m finishing here today. If you have trouble understanding something, you can comment in our comments section. I will try to replay your comment later. Everyone will be fine.

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