Working Smarter NOT Harder Pro tips for a Newbie freelancer

One of the things I hear people say is… “Working Smarter  NOT Harder” But what does this mean and how can this sentence help new freelancers? Why is the word relevant for freelancers?

Let’s find the answers to these questions And more efficiently, 


Who said “Working Smarter 

NOT Harder”?

Working Smarter NOT Harder Pro tips for a Newbie freelancer
Working Smarter NOT Harder Pro tips for a Newbie freelancer

Allen F. Morgenstern

Allen F. A special industrial engineer by the name of Morgenstern created the example “Working Smarter  NOT Harder” in the 1930s, but the idea has been around for a long time.


Working Smarter  NOT Harder What does this word mean?


Smart work does not only mean being productive. This means investing your valuable time in places where your time will be more valuable. An effective strategy is to complete small tasks every day according to the big goal without spending a lot of effort and time behind the big task.


So you have to use your precious time in the most effective way and set your goals and do small things every day accordingly. Every hour, every minute you have to work for success.


Determining the ultimate strategy for smart work for freelancers

Below I describe some strategies that will help a freelancer work smarter.


  1. Create a system for yourself.


Decide what you will do next, most people spend a lot of time fixing it. So do what you are doing now and decide what to do next. It is very important to maintain your time when you are a new freelancer because you do not have much time on your hands

So you can easily get things done and if you keep a to-do list, you can do whatever you want to do in a timely manner.


  1. Use good productive tools


Productivity tools are really helpful, they help parents to do their job, but be careful not to abuse them. For example, without knowing how to use productive tools, you can spend a lot of time setting up tools. Or look for features in that app and spend a lot of time that you don’t need. So you should use the necessary tools properly otherwise you will waste a lot of time that you will not be of any use.


  1. Consider the results of the work is not time.


If you want to work smarter, you need to measure how much work you do in contrast to your time. Suppose you have three hours to write an article of 1000 words, you will think a lot of time. But compared to the time when you are doing nothing, you have done a successful job.

 Now one thing to note is how many steps you have to go through to write an article. First of all, divide those articles into small parts. See, there is a lot of work to be done here, such as keyword research of an article, article writing, adding images, publishing articles, doing SEO, all of them have to go through several steps. .

Write down on a notepad how many such tasks you have successfully completed in one day. At the end of the day, you will be inspired to see your list. Because small tasks will be collected and a huge list will be made. You will like what you have done in one day, The list will give you the opportunity to review your work throughout the day.


  1. Sit down to work with a positive attitude.


A positive attitude is very important for work. We do a lot of wonderful things when we have a good mind and a fresh mind. So the mind should be refreshed before doing any work. Then the quality of work will be much better. No matter what you do, you must love your work. If you love work, success will come.


  1. Create a routine for yourself and try to maintain it.


When a person does the same kind of work constantly and every day, he becomes an expert in that work. And it takes a lot less time than he did. There are various tools available online for doing a routine in this regard. Using this you can maintain your work speed and routine. So using routine you get the job done every day.


  1. Stop multiple tasks at once.


Many of us think that many can do multitasking efficiently. This is not true at all. According to neuroscientists, humans are not capable of multitasking. If we think we are capable of multitasking then we are fooling ourselves. When one starts multitasking, his brain shifts from one tree to another, which interferes with his work. When someone wants to do multitasking, their brain becomes random. It’s a lot like a computer. 


When you run a lot of software together, it freezes. That’s how the human brain can’t do many programs or multitasking at the same time. Stop multitasking from now on and do any work carefully.


So How To Work Faster And Smarter?


  • First, increase your time management skills.
  • Learn to use computer shortcuts and speed up typing.
  • Learn to use productive tools well.
  • Make a to-do list for each day.
  • Use your mobile phone for work. Don’t use it unnecessarily.
  • Failure must be overcome, failure must not be broken.


Finally, I will give you some advice that I do or I like. Prioritize your dreams and your emotions. Do what you love to do carefully. Hopefully, gradually you will be able to do that and bring something good out of here.

So you can follow the tips above if you want to work smarter.

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